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“Christian’s attitude is exemplary..."

                    Antonio Banderas (Twitter)

"...Christian López Lamelas offers

amused but encouraging counsel..."

                                 The New York Times

"…Christian López Lamelas has

already worked in more than 50 productions…"                                La Voz Hispana (NYC)

"…we are amazed with the profesional

determination of the multitalented

Christian López Lamelas: he acts,

writes scripts, directs, composes music…"  

                                        AISGE (Spain)

About me

     Christian López Lamelas, a Spanish actor, filmmaker, and composer, began his training at the Nancy Tuñon i Jordi Oliver studio, where he combined personal and emotional growth under the guidance of coaches Carlos & Enedina. He later graduated from the Conservatorio del Liceo in Barcelona and the prestigious Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York.

    His career includes notable roles in projects such as "Genius: Picasso" for National Geographic, Imagine TV, and 21st Fox TV Studios, where he had the opportunity to work with Antonio Banderas. He also appeared in the series "Vampire Academy" for Universal Studios. Additionally, he has been part of the docu-series "Palomares" on Movistar Plus and has worked in off-Broadway theatrical productions in New York. Moreover, he has made his mark in the advertising world with work for brands like PlayStation: Drive Club, HP, Sol de Janeiro, and Sprite.

     As a creator, Christian has developed six series projects, several short films, and numerous comedy sketches. He has directed acclaimed actors like Jordi Sánchez and Goya Award winner Kiti Mánver. His versatility and dedication have led his latest project, "Joan Has a Secret," to be selected in over thirty international film festivals, including the Cerdanya Film Festival.

     In 2023, Christian took a significant step by co-founding Handful Films in the United States with director and producer Àlex Lora. Quickly, their work was recognized with the prestigious Grand Jury Award in 2024 for their short film "La Gran Obra."

Christian Lopez Lamelas
Christian Lopez Lamelas
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